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About Caring Treatments Massage Therapy and Lymphedema Clinic


As a RMT I offer advanced therapeutic and relaxation massages in a safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment. I often will use a variety of techniques during a treatment that create a synergy for a wonderfully effective treatment.   These treatments might include essential oils, various massage techniques, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, craniosacral and active listening.  These treatments are appropriate for all ages and levels of health and fitness. I am comfortable helping clients with the effects of diseases and their treatments as well as palliative care.

I am also a Certified Lymphedema Therapist and a authorizor for the Ontario Assistive Devices Program for Compression Garments. 

For clients that are not able to travel to the clinic I do housecalls to homes, nursing homes and the hospital. (this service may not be available during the covid pandemic)


About Caring Treatments - COVID19 policies and extra care for your comfort and safety. 

Covid, flu and colds continue to be a concern in a massage setting so here is what to expect when you come for your massage therapy treatment.

The day before your appointment I will contact you to confirm that you are feeling well and have no covid-19 symptoms. 

The day of the appointment you will want to arrive close to the time booked for your treatment. I have a bit of cleaning to do between clients but feel free to come into the waiting room when you arrive.

We will both be wearing masks but when you are face down in the face- cradle you can remove your mask as there is an air purifier under the table. When you are on your back the mask must be back over your mouth and nose. If you forget your mask I will provide you with a disposable one for your convenience.

I still accept payment by cash, cheque, e-transfer, credit card and bank card so use whatever option is best for you.

Please click on the fee list for up-to-date prices.

 All the surfaces and the air in the treatment room will be disinfected with a UV light between appointments. 

All fabric used in your treatment will be tossed in the laundry.  So every sheet, blanket, pillow case, seat cover, hand towel, protective therapist apron etc. will be freshly washed with hot water and bleach to provide the safest environment possible for your treatment.

There are UV light sterilization air filtration unit to clean the air throughout the treatments so that any germs in the air are killed on a continual basis in both the treatment room and the reception room.

We are experiencing unique and challenging times and I am grateful that I am now able to once again provide pain and stress relief to my wonderful and loyal clients.








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